Introducing a complete health care solution for telemedicine and e-healthcare in MENA region.

Introducing a complete health care solution for telemedicine and e-healthcare in MENA region.

  • September 13, 2021

We are feeling overwhelmed to announce launching of our healthcare application for MENA region, “My Care – MENA”. It is a collaboration between XCELTEC group from India, Global Dimensions Group (GDG) from Canada and MGS-Tech from Kuwait. My Care is available in India, USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. This application will provide all the health sector related facilities you need, without going out. My Care promotes medical tourism and gateway in MENA region. My Care has an option to store all the medical history of a patient. Through this facility, patient will not require to carry all reports with them every time. So this way it will be easy for a patient to travel cross country for a treatment.

Overview of My Care Application:

My Care includes Doctors from clinics, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Pharmacies. Normal users can register as a patient. Patients can book appointment, get checked up on video call, get prescription on the application, and patients can directly send that prescription to the pharmacy. Pharmacies will check the prescription and deliver medicines at the door step. If patient requires to go through any tests, laboratories will come to their home to get the samples. Patient and doctor will get the test reports delivered in the application. Doctor can check the reports and chat with the client or can consult again on call if required. Hospitals are also a part of this application. In case of emergencies, Hospitals can help with the consultation.

Why My Care?

• All in one healthcare solution.
• Reduce waiting time at the clinic, to buy medicines and get your laboratory tests done.
• No need to visit places again to get results.
• Upload, view, and share prescriptions to your choice pharmacy.
• Get connect with the doctor on call.
• Chat with the doctor anytime if you have any query after the consultation.
• HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

What patients can do with My Care?

• Patients can book their appointment with any of the doctors and specialists from the app.
• No need to visit clinic to get consultation.
• Video calling and chat facility available.
• Patient can book more than one appointment at the same time and can do conference call with both the doctors.
• Patient can cancel their appointment any time before 24 hours of the scheduled time.
• Prescription can be received on the application and share directly to the choice pharmacy.
• Patients can get the medicines delivered at their door step without any hassle.
• Patient can store all the reports and prescription in the application for future reference.

How doctors can use My Care?

• Doctors will put their available time slots at the appointment list which will be seen to the patients at their booking tab.
• Doctors can approve or reject the appointment in case of emergency.
• Doctors can provide consultation through video call.
• Doctors can send prescription through the application to the patient or pharmacy.
• Doctors can chat with the patients in case of any doubts or to give suggestions after the consultation call.

My Care for Pharmacies

• Pharmacies can see the prescription sent to them by doctors and patients.
• According to the prescription, pharmacies can dispatch the medicines for the delivery.
• Pharmacies can repeat the delivery of continuing medicines by setting reminder notification.

How Laboratories can use My Care?

• Laboratories can see the test prescribed by the doctor.
• Laboratories will collect the sample from patients and deliver results to the patient and doctor both on the application.

Insurance Company

• Insurance company will receive bills for the patients from Doctors, Pharmacies and laboratories. According to the patient’s insurance type, Insurance Company will pass the bill. And remaining amount will be paid by the patient if any.

So are you excited to download and use your all in one solution? Please let us know in the comments.

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